TNMCA was organized by Tennesseans to advocate for Tennesseans who need organically grown, highly regulated Cannabis Medicine, along with protecting Tennessee farmers, small business owners and other Tennesseans who want to work in this industry, from being overrun by big money, out-of-state interests, taking over our market and pushing out our citizens, when this medicinal plant is legalized.


TNMCA has, as part of its mission, the goal of educating and preparing Tennessee farmers, dispensary operators, and other workers to enter into the detailed regulatory process that must guarantee the safety of pharmaceutical grade cannabis medicine.  


We work primarily with non-profit groups, including Americans for Safe Access (ASA) ( that has the only certification education program in the cannabis industry. One TNMCA volunteer, a Tennessean, who will be spearheading our educational seminars, is one of only 20 individuals in the US who is certified in all 5-specialty certifications that ASA offers. We also work closely with other non-profit membership organizations, including the National Cannabis Bar Association (, Women Grow (, Organic Cannabis Association ( and the Minority Cannabis Business Association ( In an industry that has become dominated by questionable big business interests, we advocate for equal opportunity for every Tennessee citizen who is willing to learn, abide by strict regulations, produce an organic product and safe medicine. 


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